Sunday, May 27, 2012

BOX OFFICE: Men in Black 3 On Top? UPDATED

UPDATED: MIB 3 did the job, but just so so. In the US it finally toppled The Avengers, but not by much or any where impressive. For the three day weekend it will hit about 55 million, while it's 4 day total will hit about 70 million, well below expectations. People are just not into Will Smith anymore. With international sales, this movie will make back it's reported 250-300 million buget but just barely. The Avengers just keeps kicking everyone's ass and has blasted everyone else a safe distance from itself so as to take the hull in repeatedly. I really wonder how The Dark Knight and Spider man will do now.

Will Smith is going back to what works best for him, the high adventure action blockbuster. He's hoping this will do the trick, both for him and audiences. MIB 3 is ten years after the last one and it's uniqueness may be gone given all the new hero movies out. At over 4000 theaters it seems set to overcome the Avengers this week, but by how much is the question. Some are saying 100 million, others not so sure.


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