Sunday, February 26, 2012

BOX OFFICE: A decent War Movie beats the rest

Modern telling of military victory or how the armed forces work usually end up in the gutter. Of course since most of them are detailing that the military and it's personal are bad and evil, most people don't want to see it. Hence it's a nice change to see a movie that actually uses real SEAL military personnel do so well. ACT OF VALOR isn't a blockbuster hit, but it did well enough for first place. Contrast this to Jenn Aniston's latest flop WANDERLUST which came in 8th and yet again made people wonder why she keeps getting jobs and not a hatchet job in the press like Heigel got recently. The only way Aniston does any business is if she is with a more popular star. She can not hold a movie on her own at all.

Domestic Box Office, Feb. 24-Feb. 26

Title/Weeks in Release/Theater Count, Studio/Three Day Weekend Total/Cume

1. Act of Valor, 1/3,039, Relativity/Bandito Brothers, $24.7 million

2. Tyler Perry's Good Deeds, 1/2,132, Lionsgate, $16 million

3. Journey 2, 3/3,350, New Line/Warner Bros.,  $13.5 million, $76.7 million

4. Safe House, 3/3,052, Universal, $11.4 million, $98.1 million

5. The Vow, 2/3,038, Screen Gems/Spyglass, $10 million, $103 million

6. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, 2/3,174, Sony/Hyde Park, $8.8 million, $37.9 million

7. This Means War, 2/3,189, Fox, $8.5 million, $33.6 million

8. Wanderlust, 1/2,002, Universal, $6.6 million

9. Gone, 1/2,186, Summit, $5 million

10. The Secret World of Arrietty, 2/1,522, Disney/Studio Ghibli, $4.5 million, $14.7 millio


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