Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BOX OFFICE:Will the Muppets and Arthur Break Dawn ?

We got three, count them three kiddie movies coming out on Wednesday Nov 23, ahead of the Thanksgiving weekend. They will have five days to slay and crunch Twilight. May they all do so with gusto and happiness. The Muppets lead the charge and should do very well. This movie is seen as a make it or break it for the franchise. A refresh of the franchise that was getting stale and old. Next we have Arthur Christmas from Aardman productions-same people who brought you Wallace and Gromit. From the commercials and trailers I think this will also have a good box office, even if it's terribly British. Lastly we have a Martian Scorcase picture  HUGO CABARET that has been getting big buzz. It's a tween movie but for the whole family, more drama and whimsical than just kiddie fun as the other two are.

November 23    Theaters
Arthur Christmas    3,376
Hugo    1,277
The Muppets    3,440
A Dangerous Method    4


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