Sunday, September 25, 2011

BOX OFFICE:Will the Lion King Keep his Crown? UDATED

UPDATED:Wow the Lion King 3D is seriously doing some repeat business. It was number one once again, even against Brad Pitt and Money Ball.For Pitt this isn't a total failure and good word of mouth may keep this film in the top for a bit longer. Word is Disney will be extending LK out for at least another weekend which would fit right in with the Blu Ray release on Oct 4.Meanwhile some other family fare got hit thanks to the Lions as Dolphin Tale just couldn't grab that all important family pack. Taylor Launter proved that Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart are not the only people from Twilight that can't act outside the franchise. These guys should seriously invest their Twilight money wisely because it's the only bucks they are ever going to make from movies. Poor Clive Owen and Jason Stratham just could not interest people in any action moves as they went down to fifth place.

t will be a battle of kings this weekend. The Lion King 3D will try to stay on top. Meanwhile Brad Pitt brings his latest movie Moneyball to the seats and hopes that your baseball fascination translates into dollars. Two big time brits also hope to squeeze the box office as Clive Owen and Jason Strathem fight each other to the death in Killer Elite.


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