Sunday, August 7, 2011

Entertainment Around the Web

Here are some links to sites that are some of the best for entertainment.

Spoiler TV
An hourly stream of spoiler news on hundreds of TV Shows.
The best, uncensored gossip on the web today
Lainey's Gossip
Canada's celeb gossip site, with Lainey's always interesting views
A bitchy take on celebs and fame
For the more mature entertainment news
The feminine view on things
Deadline Hollywood
Nikki Fink's hard hitting look at the entertainment world, she pulls no punches when attacks.
TV Line
Micheal Ausiello and his TV gossip is some of the best news around. He always gets the best scoops.
Entertainment, science and weirdness all in one site
TV Feeds My Family
Canada's take on the entertainment side

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