Sunday, August 14, 2011

BOX OFFICE:The Help in 30 Minutes or Less or Your Final Destination Free UPDATED

UPDATED: Well the Apes reigned again, one of the few movies this year to repeat. The Help brought in a big female audience while the guys were left with leftover horror movie FD 5. Apes has now made over 100 million which means there will be a sequel of course. Gleeks meanwhile proved that they are far and few, given they don't even get about 8 million per ep during the season. Everyone I think is just Glee'd out right now.


Will you go see a condescending white painted ideal south about black maids or get scared to death from watching the Glee cast in 3D. Oh and lets not forget the actual horror movie Final Destination 5 which just keeps on going no matter how many deaths it achieves. Lastly we have Jesse Eisenberg playing yet another geek out of water in a action film with 30 Minutes or Less, which may be the time you spend on any of these movies this weekend.I'm thinking the Apes will rule yet again.


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