Sunday, August 7, 2011

BOX OFFICE:People went Ape with No Change Up

UPDATED: Wow didn't expect this but Rise of the Planet of the Apes did pretty well over the weekend. It blew away the Smurfs and Change Up with a healthy 54 million. Smurfs managed second place but was far behind yet it should make over 100 million by next weekend. Meanwhile The Change Up proves once and for all that Ryan Renyolds can not open a movie either as a lead or co lead that isn't a A list celeb.

So will people go and see another reboot, remake of a movie, less than ten years later or will they go for another cliche that just doesn't work any more? That's the big question as the August movie month grinds to a halt. Last year we had GI Joe and Inglorious Basterds to watch, but this month's offerings are in no way interesting. The umteeth remake, redo etc of Planet of the Apes comes out, starring douche of the year James Franco while  Ryan Renolds tries yet again to have a hit this year, justifying his superhero movie roles.If the Change Up does not do well, I think many people will be questioning his viabiltiy for future roles.

2 - Rise of the Planet of the Apes Fox 3,648 - - 1
7 - The Change-Up Universal 2,913 - - 1
43 - The Whistleblower Samuel Goldwyn 7 - - 1


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