Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TRAILER TIME: A Dangerous Method

A film that follows the meeting and disagreement that Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had over a patient. When Jung takes on the sex crazed woman Sabina Speilman, he crosses a line with her when it comes to her treatment, one that his new friend and mentor disagrees with. With Viggo Morgestern, Micheal Fassenbender and Kiera Knightley it's a great cast with great potential A lot of commentators have said this could be Knighley's film. The trailer though doesn't really back that up, she sounds and looks shrill and ghastly. Directed by David Cronenberg it still might work but Knightley looks to bring this movie down. If she wants to get noticed again for the academy she's going to have to get out and promote this movie big time.

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