Sunday, July 24, 2011


Cap brought the bucks in and if it holds on Monday, makes it the best superhero movie this summer and the best Marvel superhero this summer out of the three [X Men, Thor, CAP]. With 65.8 million, it just barley beat out Thor for the the title. Now it remains to be seen if it will have summer legs. HP fell big time though 50 million is nothing to snort at. Justine Timberlake has some sort of acting angle on his shoulder, because once again he's managed to star in a moderate hit. Either the fangirls are flocking to his movie or his costars have even more fans coming.

Captain America opens to day and while it should be big, one wonders how much against HP? They should almost be even this weekend, meaning  around 55 million each or so. That would put CA about par with the other Marvel superheros this year but below Iron man and Spiderman. Meanwhile Justine Timberlake tortures us yet again with his so called "acting".

2 - Captain America: The First Avenger Paramount 3,715 - - 1
6 - Friends with Benefits Sony / Screen Gems 2,926 - - 1


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