Wednesday, June 29, 2011


: So the movie took in 97 million for the 3 day and 162 million for the 5 day total. This puts it at the best opening so far of the year but actually a little below the last movie. Still it's obscene how much money this made even if it was only a tiny bit better than the second one.

The movie has blown into theaters a few days early, hoping to get that 5 day holiday box office win. You would think Captain America would be more appropriate but they foolishly? gave it a late July opening. Oh well we get more of Bay's explosions, now in exciting 3D. That is if your theater bothers to show it properly. Bay and his backers have even written the owners asking them to actually show the movie in it's full glory instead of the dimmed down stuff you usually get which saves the bulbs for another day.

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