Sunday, June 5, 2011

BOX OFFICE:X Men at the Front

X Men First Class barley made it to class this weekend, though it did take the top spot. Compared to the previous movies and other Marvel outings is was a very poor performer.Though it only took in about 56 million, it did about 64 million worldwide for just over 100 million this week.Perhaps it was a mix of not knowing the plot to 'we've seen this plot' to 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO OUR BELOVED COMICS?' I still think that the way they messed up the original Xmen, including characters that had nothing to do with the beginning had a bigger impact than people are admitting. Comic fanboys can be very loyal to a brand and when you mess with a known comic, they can bit back big time.I don't think Vaughn  the director or FOX bothered to listen or take note of what the comic industry and fanboys were saying and went their own way which has hurt them this time out. Granted if one listened only to them they would never get a movie off the ground, but in this case they screwed and messed with characters and original timelines etc that many were turned off. Mystique was one character they absolutely screwed with and messed with. Here was a woman who was as old as Wolverine, possibly older, who had a long standing relationship with a woman who was a very major part of the mutant history, raised Rogue with said woman and was a major kick ass woman at a time when such things were not done. Here they kiddiefied her to ....what appeal to adolescent boys? It and the Summers screw up was just way off.

The Hangover 2 proved it is still a one hit wonder as it fell pretty well this week and should continue to do so. Kung fu Panda is also suffering from it's last outing.


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