Saturday, August 14, 2010

BOX OFFICE WEEKEND: Action Packed with a little Love on the Side


It's an action packed weekend as both the EXPENDABLES and SCOTT PILGRAM both try to get adult males in the seats. So far THE EXPENDABLES are doing the job while Pilgram is seems to be going the way most of these comic book films go, down the drain.All you need to know is that Micheal Cera plays the same guy in this movie as he did in all his previous movies, which should tell you something. Meanwhile Julia Roberts is back with a boring chick flick that actually seems to have an audience. Since it wasn't screened for critics before hand, the audience indeed will let this sink or swim.


2-The ExpendablesLionsgate3,270--1
4-Eat Pray LoveSony / Columbia3,082--1
8-Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldUniversal2,818--1

Meanwhile TOY STORY 3 has become the all time earning animation film ever, beating out Finding Nemo and Shrek. Congrats to PIXAR and thier wonderful movies.

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