Sunday, August 15, 2010

Box Office: EXPENDABLES are Dependable


The EXPENDABLES proved that guys will be guys and even a few girls will flock to a real action movie with real action stars. The movie was great, a wonderful throwback to the 80's action films while still modern. Even though Stallone 64, was huffing and puffing throughout, he still directed a engaging film. He even made fun of himself and his age. I really am hoping for a sequel.

The other big films to open were beaten by either bad reviews or complete indifference. When is hollywood going to realize that Cera can't open a film and that he plays the same guy in every movie he is in. Shunt him to a minor role from now on and stop torturing us! SCOTT PILGRAM came in a dismal 5th place and has to rely on overseas and DVD now to make back all the money spent on it. Meanwhile Julia Roberts is proving to be box office poison as well. Ironic since she went up against her brother Eric Roberts in the Expendables,lol. Just from the trailer EAT PRAY LOVE was a misfire. A movie about a selfish woman, too rich and spoiled to care about those around her goes on a world wide adventure.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ is what a lot of people did.

1. The Expendables      $ 35 Million     
2. Eat, Pray, Love     $ 23.7 Million    
3. The Other Guys     $ 18 Million     $ 70.5 Million
4. Inception     $ 11.4 Million     $ 248.6 Million
5. Scott Pilgrim vs...     $ 10.5 Million    
6. Despicable Me     $ 6.8 Million     $ 221.9 Million
7. Step Up 3D     $ 6.6 Million     $ 29.6 Million
8. Salt     $ 6.4 Million     $ 103.6 Million
9. Dinner for Schmucks     $ 6.3 Million     $ 58.8 Million
10. Cats & Dogs:...     $ 4.1 Million     $ 35.1 Million


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