Sunday, May 30, 2010

Box Office Weekend:SHREK Rules the Ladies

SHREK 4 ruled once again at the box office, which came as a surprise to many. It took in at least 43 million. SEX IN THE CITY 2 which was estimated and predicted to take in at least 70 million, could only come in second with a measly 32 million, though combined with early Thrusdays earnings it actually topped SHREK with 56 million. Still way below what everyone was boasting. The first blockbuster bomb of the summer is PRINCE OF PERSIA, which came in 3rd with 30 million and doesn't look great to hold well over the summer. It's one of the few Jerry Bruckheimer movies that hasn't performed well and really puts the 4th PIRATES movie in doubt. Audiences may have pirate fatigue just as they are showing with SHREK.


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