Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sigh... that roaring, sighing, breathless sound you hear are the millions of Twi hards who are fangirling over this movie. Yet more bad dialouge, Edward still is a complete blank, Bella still bites her lip and poor Benji oops I mean Jacob still gets stiffed in the end. The really bad part about this trailer is the new Victoria, played by Bryce Dallas Howard--her daddy is Ron Howard of course. Absolutely ugly, bad wig/hair, cheeks so big they may burst and not even scary. Really they messed up big time by getting rid of Rachelle Lebreve. Dakota Fanning would be scarier if her part wasn't about 2 seconds long in these movies. So enjoy Twi hards and throw popcorn at the screen, boo and hiss anytime the new Victoria comes on screen.

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