Sunday, January 10, 2010

Leno+Conan=NBC Screw Up

The times they are a changing at least for Leno and Conan. But let's back up here first. As many know Leno took over the Tonight Show way back in the 90s from Johnny Carson after beating out Dave Letterman who promptly threw a fit and fled over to CBS where he has had a solid late night show. Still he started to get beat by Leno and the Tonight Show which quickly mowed down any one else. Until about a year ago. NBC thinking it had an unsinkable show regardless of who hosted it decided Jay had to go, in order to bring in new viewers and maybe jazz up the place. A big long goodbye ensued, only for the big wigs at NBC to start and panic. Why? Because Leno was not interested in retiring. This meant that if they let him go he could have gone over to another network and competed against Conan. So they all sat down and basically offered anything Leno wanted to him. What we got was Leno at 10 pm five nights a week for an hour in prime time no less. The results have been terrible. Leno has been vilified, the ratings have gone down for him and for Conan, not to mentions affiliates news casts have gone down the drain. It was those affiliates that finally roared back at NBC and put a stop to the endless bloodbath.

Leno will now go back to his old time of 11:35 pm while Conan will be 12:05 starting just after the Olympics. NBC hopes this raises the ratings and stops all the nonsense. With all the damage one has to wonder if anything can be saved.

No word on whether NBC will put five new dramas or a mixture of current dramas and reality programming for the 10 pm slot. One show that may benefit is Law and Order and it's SVU spin off.SVU has particularly suffered in it's new earlier time slot and a later time may give it its mojo back.


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