Friday, September 11, 2009

TIFF...Where Movies Start to Glow

For some reason a city most people ignore for most of the year, but gets major movie and TV production now hosts one of the biggest movie festivals in the world, and the biggest in North America. Not even festivals in Vancouver or California can match this one, though some Cali fests are rising up. I'm thinking if Vancouver would get it's act together it too could be major. And the Tribeca Film Fest is fast becoming a star mecca as well. Still for now Toronto is the place to be for movies, quality ones and not so good ones. I think it's allure is that it's in North America and doesn't have that snooty European vibe that Cannes gives off. This is your everyday smuck who wants to see a great movie festival. Yes the parties are for the A-listers and the glamor is there, but it's just more accessible in Toronto than Cannes, where even the D-listers come just for nothing and the goodies bag. Toronto hasn't suffered that part yet, but if they don't watch it, they could become the next trash heap for stars looking to get into the gossip mags, not for a movie but for themselves.


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