Friday, September 25, 2009

Law and Order CI:D'onofrio and Erbe out

'The Narrows' - Nashville Film Festival

Wow this is big news. Looks like Dick Wolfe really does play hard ball with money. Both Doronfrio and Katheryn Erbe are leaving the long running series this season along with Eric Bogosian who only joined a few years ago.

This has been on the verge of happening for years ever since D'oronfrio had his melt down and demanded less time. They gave into him and made it about 4 detectives alternating cases each week. It was  a little unnerving since they couldn't get the second team right. and were constantly changing the female partner. Now the whole cast will be new, execpt for Jeff Goldblum who joined last year. I guess they can somehow keep his salary. They will have yet another new female partner for him this year. The show has been languishing in the ratings for years, never as strong as its parent Law and Order or its brother SVU.The constant cast changes made this harder to get into, not to mention it never really had angle. Goren was suppose to be like Batman, only not in the physical sense. He went deep into the physic of the person. The show came from the how the detectives solved the crime, more detail than the others. It just never took off with viewers.
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