Friday, August 14, 2009

Networks, advertisers teaming up to take on Nielsen

Networks, advertisers teaming up to take on Nielsen: "NielsenEveryone is always up in arms about the Nielsen ratings, saying they don't accurately represent the shows that a lot of people like or aren't measured correctly or simply don't matter in this age of DVRs, iTunes, network web sites, and DVDs.

Now it looks like the networks are giving a thought to providing an alternative. CBS, NBC, Disney, News Corp, Discovery, Time Warner, and Viacom are getting together and hope to have some sort of plan on what the 'consortium' will do by the end of September. A VP at Starcom MediaVest, one of the companies involved, says that they don't necessarily want to replace Nielsen but there's no reason why another company can't 'come in and do both [TV measurement and digital measurement]'

[via TV Tattle]

FILM2TV:Now this sounds interesting. And about time. Too many shows are cancelled when they have perfectly good audiences to watch. Of course it all comes down to dollars and cents, as advertisers will pay more for good shows with more eyeballs.
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