Friday, August 21, 2009

Box Office Weekend: Inglorius Basterds

So what will you be seeing this weekend? Does District 9 have the legs to compete with the big boys? Will word of mouth give it the top spot again. Or will Nazi hunting Jews take over the top spot? Inglorious Basterds actually has very good word of mouth, 88% tomato rating by the critics which have been harsh this summer. Shorts by Robert Rodizgues is trying for the kiddie market but I think will bomb anyway. It's silly mindless stuff and most kids will stay away. Post Grad will be a test Alexis Bledel as a leading lady. Can she open a movie to a decent result, or will people dismiss it and go to the other romance Time Traveler's Wife.

Inglourious Basterds    3,165
Post Grad    1,958
Shorts    3,105
X Games 3D The Movie    1,399

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