Thursday, August 6, 2009

Box Office Results WorldWide:Ice Age 3 Rules

Ice Age 3 has overtaken the world! Ok not really but when it comes to making money it's now the best animated film in the world, overtaking Finding Nemo at the box offices of the world. With 551.4 million worldwide the third installment has become king of the hill. One factor that could be skewing the  stats is that extra money one must spend to see the new 3-D movies which people seem happy to pay.

Up, Disney's latest isn't even near that business but it could be because of the release schedule of the film, and the familiarity of it. IA3 has a built in audience while  UP is new and not as cuddly as IA3. Still UP has more places to release so it could make more money.It's the better story wise for sure. IA3 was just a lot of tired old gags that fell flat. I really think it's the dinos that are pulling in the attention.


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