Wednesday, July 22, 2009



For most of you, your nightly entertainment will be interrupted by the President of the US giving yet another speech to the public in prime time. It won't be as bad since NBC made the White House back off for an hour and do it earlier in the evening, but still some of you may suffer if your watching the main networks. Except for FOX who has once again decided not to air the speech. They did this last time and it was a boost for them and really did eat into the speech's viewership.

TV Listings

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'Toddlers & Tiaras' (10PM, TLC) 2nd season premiere
'Leverage' – The team tries to take down a crooked fight promoter (9PM, TNT)
'The Real World: Cancun' – More fun – and fights and hook-ups – in the sun (10PM, MTV)
'So You Think You Can Dance' – The top 8 perform (8PM, Fox)
'Michael and Michael Have Issues' – The Michaels argue about their boss's birthday gift (10:30PM, Comedy Central)
'Top Chef Masters' – Contestants' ingredients come from a mystery box (10PM, Bravo)

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