Tuesday, July 14, 2009


For sports fans and baseball fans in particular, the 80th All Star game is tonight. For anyone else, cable shows are the way to go, which seems to be a trend this summer. While the major networks struggle to have relevant programing, the cable channels are doing well, the TV series leading the pack. Not only that but it doesn't stop in the fall. More and more while the numbers are lower, the quality is higher. No wonder the FCC wants to regulate it so bad.

TV Listings

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Miami Social' (10PM, Bravo) series premiere
'Oxygen's 25iest: Celeb-U-Tots' – Yes, even babies strive for the A-list in Hollywood (11PM, Oxygen)
'MLB All-Star Game' – The 80th all-star game, live from St. Louis (8PM, Fox)
'Better Off Ted' – Veridian is sued for a perfume that attracts hornets (9PM, ABC)
'HawthoRNe' – Christina takes care of a young heart patient (9PM, TNT)
'NYC Prep' – PC acts like a tool at a dinner party. Surprise? (9PM, Bravo)

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