Monday, July 6, 2009

Red Band Jennifer's Body Trailer

The new Red Band Trailer has come out for the new movie Jennifer's Body which should be touching down in Sept, the usual trash heap for forgettable movies. And this looks quite forgettable. Starring Megan 'Transformer's sexy girl' Fox, and the adorable Amanda Seyfried, the story revolves around a promucuous teen cheerleader Jennifer [Fox], who a traveling band mistakes for a virgin and decides to sacrifice to satan. Since she's not a virgin of course the curse goes haywire and Jennifer become a zombie like person who feeds mostly on boys. It's up to her nerdy bff Needy [Seyfried] to stop her at all costs, including her sanity.

The script for this was terrible, supposedly it's a horror/comedy but nothing in the script would even come close to even black humor comedy. It's been given a R rating, yet from the trailer it really looks more like a PG 13 movie. Sadly Fox proves she can't act at this point in her career, all she does is strut around looking sexy. If that actually brings in the crowds, people have lost all taste in film. Even more sadly Amanda Seyfried decided to lower herself to this garbage. I'm guessing with all the offers after Mamma Mia she was pressured into this one. It will be a small blight on her career but thankfully she already has better films lined up and waiting, including Dear John, and Chloe which should be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival earlier in Sept. I guess every actress has to have a horror movie in their resume. One person who seems out of place is Adam Brody.The guy just can not stop playing Seth Cohen, no matter what role he's in. He was terrible in Mr and Mrs Smith and here he just looks out of place as a satanic band member willing to sacrifice girls cross country.


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