Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Green Lantern is Canadian!

Yes, Cinematical and others have confirmed that Canadian Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool in this years X Men Wolverine and has a current hit in the Proposal has landed the role of DC Green Lantern. Since this is with Warner Bros and X Men is with Fox, I'm thinking Reynolds had a choice to make.

Cinematical mentions that GL is the better known hero and I couldn't agree more. Sorry but Deadpool just does not have that general appeal or knowledge of the public the way Wolverine or Batman is. Ask your average person on the street about who Deadpool is and their likely answer would be a betting game of some sort. Nor does the over glorified cameo he had in Wolverine give a good set up for the character.For all the talk up Reynolds has been doing for the character since Wolverine came out, it seemed and sounded forced as if he was testing the waters. Other than comic fanboys I don't think Fox was getting the response they wanted. Hence it looks like he decided to jump to another superhero franchise one that was a least well known. Does this kill Deadpool? Perhaps, since from here on out Reynolds is going to have to promote GL big time, leaving little room for Deadpool word of mouth. Production is slated to start on GL in January.

Source and image from Cinematical

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