Friday, July 17, 2009

Futurama Needs New Voices?

So Futurama, which will be coming back with new epsiodes after the successful series and recent straight to DVD movies has decided to use new voices for the characters. And they think people will still watch? I know I won't. Some cartoons can get away with different voices, because they usually interchange the actors between filming, but some make the characters what and who they are. Without that particular voice people are just not interested. I think this is a bad move on both FOX and Comedy Central. I realize the actors were asking for more money but many of them deserve it I think, especially Billy West. Some of these actors live on voice acting alone and are very talented.They have had to watch while million dollar celebs take over the voice acting gigs of many cartoons, especially the big movies.Plus they have the previous series to back them up. They deserve a wage increase I think.

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