Saturday, July 25, 2009

Congrats PG-13,Your 25 yrs Old!

25 yrs ago PG-13 came into existence thanks to the great director Steven Spielberg. It seems he release two films back to back -Gremlins and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and the audiences at the time made a huge fuss. Before PG-13 came about, it was either PG or R. Since neither movie rated a R but were clearly too much for a mild PG, Spielberg proposed to the MPAA a new rating system. He wanted a PG14, but they settled on the now familiar PG 13 stance.

So has it worked? And should there be yet another ratings overhaul. While R is still with us, we now have NC 17 and then the X rating which is reserved for porn movies now. Is PG 13 getting too wild and loose with the rules? Teen movies especially are pushing the envelope these days, and are clearly not for 13  and 14 yrs olds yet they make up a huge part of the profits for movies these days. Most of the successful movies now are rated PG 13 in order to bring in the most crowds. Adults and tweens to teens have the cash and if the story is good both enjoy a movie together.

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