Friday, July 24, 2009

Box Office-G-Force to Rule?

The rodents are taking over, or at least will try to get the kiddy brigade back in the seats. G-Force has gotten good reviews from most critics for actually being funny, something a few recent releases can't claim.It's being released in a fair amount of theaters so we shall see if HP 6 can stay on top.Meanwhile the Ugly Truth will try to stay afloat.

2     -     G-Force     Buena Vista     3,697  
5     26     The Ugly Truth     Sony / Columbia     2,882  
7     -     Orphan     Warner Bros.     2,750  
33     -     In the Loop     IFC     8  
34     -     The Answer Man     Magnolia     6   
35     -     Shrink     Roadside Attractions     2    


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