Monday, June 22, 2009


The Secret Life of An American Teen starts its run tonight. Will it get the ratings or sink? ABC Family also has a new teen show called Make it or Break it based around a bunch of female gymnasts. While they are all way to tall to be realistic, it looks like cheesy fun.
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V Listings

Full Listings » 'Make It or Break It' – Teen gymnasts aspire to make the Olympics (9PM, ABC Family) series premiere
'Jon and Kate Plus 8' – The couple makes a "big announcement" (9PM, TLC)
'The Closer' – Laura Roslin, aka Mary McDonnell, guest stars (9PM, TNT)
'Run's House' – JoJo explains his drug bust to his sibs (10PM, MTV)
'Nurse Jackie' – Jackie's worried about her daughter's worrying (10:30PM, Showtime)

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