Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oscars Going for 10

After the dismal performance of the Oscar shows in recent years, not to mention that fact that nowadays most people haven't even heard or seen the five nominated films of the year, the Oscars have decided that they need to open up and embrace more films, and hopefully more fans and viewers.

Starting with the 2010 edition, the Academy Awards will now have 10 film nominations vying for the coveted Best Picture Oscar. Some speculate this has to do with both The Dark Knight and Wall-E being left off the list last year. Others of course think that the small indie films have so taken over the studios are getting frustrated that bigger fair are not being included. For the last few years very few commercially big films have won the Best Picture, often leaving movie goers to scratch their heads and wonder when the winner ever was shown and what it was about. Not to mention that because of this many of the best actors/actress nominations have left many viewers in the dark since many never see the films they were nominated for. Lastly of course is the viewership of the Awards night itself, which continues to dwindle every year. The over all feeling is that if some popular films were to make it into the nominations, the ratings would go up and therefore, the revenues for the films would go up. Many times academy winners/nominations will see an uptick in sales when announced.

Of course this begs the question, is there even 10 films out there these days that even deserve a nomination. Already we are half way through the year and nothing has really stood out popularly and artistically. Of course since this is a late announcement most of the Oscar bait films won't come until the late fall. As well will the five new additions be nothing more than token films, simply there to appease and bring in the viewers or legitimate contenders. And will Animation finally be recognized by the Academy as a real film medium, and not some kiddie fare? Beauty and the Beast and WALL-E are just two animation films that could have taken home the Best Picture Oscar.

I'll guess we'll see when the Oscars are handed out next year if the experiment works.


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