Monday, June 29, 2009

Oscars Change the Songs

Ah Oscar, you want desperatly to be taken seriously, but every decision you make lately is simply dumbfounding everyone. Only a few days ago it was announced that the best picture nominees would go from 5 noms to 10. Some people are grumbling about it but most are at least waiting to see how it works out. Now another decision just may scrape a whole catagory if it doesn't work out.

The Best Song catagory has has huge problems in the last few years. Note that in the last two years songs from one movie have dominated the catagory, instead of songs from many movies. This may be because of the stringent requirements, which now have gotten even harder. Now each song is voted on a scale of 1-10 by the 200 plus Academy voters. Only songs scoring 8,25 or higher will be nominated. If just one song reaches that level, then that one and the next best score will vie for the title. If no songs reach that score than the catagory is scrapped for that year's awards ceremony. Pretty crappy I think. Given the sillyness of the last few years this really makes one wonder if we are ever going to have a best song award ever again. They seem to be very picky about the songs lately, or maybe they are just protesting the way the songs are used now.

It use to be that when songs were nominated they were apart of the movie, helped it move the plot along. Hence why Disney kept getting nominated and winning. At some point I recall people were getting peeved that Disney was always nominated and winning and for the last few years, while still happenning it did drastically change. Sadly the songs now have really no place in the movie, they are just played over the end credits. In fact your more likely to hear it on the radio and rememer it than from the movie. Hence why I think they made this decision, to try to change this around and bring the song back into the movie and make it relevant again.


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