Sunday, June 7, 2009

Box Office : UP Stays Around even with a Hangover

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UP barley managed to stay on top this weekend and may well actually topple once official results come in Monday, but for now it squeaked by The Hangover by under a million, 44.2 to 43.2. Land of the Lost bombed big time coming in with under 20 million.Museum kept up in fourth place while Star Trek just keeps trekking along in 5th. It's coming up to a month in release for that film and it still hasn't left the top ten.

1) Up $44.2 million
2) The Hangover $43.2 million
3) Land of the Lost $19.5 million
4) Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian $14.6 million
5) Star Trek $8.4 million
6) Terminator Salvation $8.1 million
7) Drag Me to Hell $7.3 million
8) Angels & Demons $6.5 million
9) My Life in Ruins $3.2 million
10) Dance Flick $2 million

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