Monday, March 16, 2009

MacGyver-Big Screen Movie?

Yes it's finally happened, the movie studios who have been robbing the TV screen of their old shows, have finally stabbed one of the best on their steak knife.

New Line Cinema and De Laurentiis family have plundered TV and decided to update and bring Mac to the big screen. Not sure how they are going to interpret this show given the man was against holding or using guns and wasn't all that physical with the bad guys. His brain was his greatest weapon. The closest they've come is the Bourne Trilogy. Of course since Richard Dean Anderson is still around and still looking good he could do the job again, but he's also getting up there in age. I really find it hard to come up with an actor who has the same humility yet inteligence that Anderson pulled off with the chracter. MacGyver wasn't a arrogant, womanizing spy, not a hipster who slept around, or under estimated his foes. He did action but not dark and gritty.

My one hope is they include his buddy Jack, who was always getting Mac into trouble with his schemes.And could never tell a lie because his blinking eye gave him away.




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