Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HBO Punches out Seyfried

I always hate it when a promising young actor/actress is taken out due to greed and selfishness from another. In this case Amanda Seyfried who was scheduled to film Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch as the lead, has had to bow out due to HBO exercising its rights to her time on their series Big Love. Both are filming at the same time but still... I could under stand if they are shooting in another country, say Australia or Europe, but really if they are shooting in the US it's just plain greed on HBOs part. Seyfried does not have a huge role in the TV series, at best she shoots a day's worth of stuff evey other week. It's not like she's in every scene, every episode. There should be more than enough room for her to shoot the show and the movie. HBO though of course is counting on her new found fame by making her stay put, even if they are not going to use her as much. Name recognition means alot to a show on cable. Sigh I feel bad for her because the role sounded so good and so different than what she's been doing so far. Screw you HBO!

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