Monday, March 23, 2009

Box Office Weekend

Nichols Cage is on top again. How this guy keeps getting the hits lately is bizarre but he gets the job done. His latest, a thriller Knowing pulled in 24 million, which seems to be the lucky number these days. Any thing less and it's a dud, anything more and it's a hit. It also shows just how consistent the movie business is doing these days. Race to Witch Mountain fell hard but still stayed in the five.  Disney hasn't been doing well in the last few months, but they make them cheap so any money is good money for them.Watchmen actually stayed alive, also top five.

1. "Knowing," $24.8 million.

2. "I Love You, Man," $18 million.

3. "Duplicity," $14.4 million.

4. "Race to Witch Mountain," $13 million.

5. "Watchmen," $6.7 million.

6. "The Last House on the Left," $5.9 million.

7. "Taken," $4.1 million.

8. "Slumdog Millionaire," $2.7 million.

9. "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail," $2.5 million.

10. "Coraline," $2.1 million.




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