Sunday, March 15, 2009

Box Office Weekend

As many predicted Disney was on top this weekend, as Race to Witch Mountain managed a paltry 25 million at the box office. Not much but probably half its production and promotion there. If it can keep it's legs it should have a fair run, not to mention a sequel. Watchmen took a tumble by 67% and while studio execs are complaining, why should they. It will make over 100 million in three weeks time so some money will be made on it. Really it's about a bunch of non powered people dressing up in Halloween costumes and fighting crime. No one but devoted fan boys knew about it and word of mouth is, many who saw it were just not that impressed with it. I certainly wasn't, though I knew the premise. Taken meanwhile is still going strong after seven weeks as is Paul Blart. Both are over the 100 million mark now as is Slumdog Millionaire. Coraline is doing well, after reopening in 3D theaters once again.

1. Race to Witch Mountain NEW $ 25 Million

2. Watchmen $ 18.1 Million $ 86 Million
3. The Last House on the Left NEW $ 14.7 Million
4. Taken $ 6.7 Million $ 126.8 Million
5. Madea Goes to Jail $ 5.1 Million $ 83.2 Million
6. Slumdog Millionaire $ 5.0 Million $ 132.6 Million
7. Paul Blart: Mall Cop $ 3.1 Million $ 137.8 Million
8. He's Just Not That.. $ 2.9 Million $ 89 Million
9. Coraline $ 2.7 Million $ 69 Million
10. Miss March $ 2.4 Million NEW



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