Saturday, February 7, 2009

TV Tonight

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What to Watch Weekend Feb. 6-7

'The 51st Annual Grammy Awards'
(Sun., 8PM, CBS)
It could be a great night for rapper Lil Wayne – who leads all Grammy nominees with eight nods (including Album of the Year).

As for viewers, the Grammys have been, in recent years, a hodgepodge of performances by great artists and some who, were maybe great, but were also largely unknown to much of the audience.

The Grammy folk apparently took criticism of those shows to heart for tonight's show, which will include tunes by superstars U2, Kid Rock (who's up for two Grammys), Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Coldplay, Paul McCartney (with Foo Fighter Dave Grohl on drums) and teen dreams (and Best New Artist nominees) the Jonas Brothers.

'Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story'

(Sat., 8PM, TNT)
Cuba Gooding Jr. is more endearing than he's been since 'Jerry Maguire' in this biopic of Carson, whose illiterate mother pushed him to spend his free time at the library as a child. Her encouragement ultimately led a boy termed 'the dumbest kid in the class' to become a top pediatric neurosurgeon who made history in 1987 by separating conjoined twins who were connected at the head.

'Desperate Housewives'
(Sun., 9PM, ABC)
The bad economy isn't keeping Bree down, as she rewards herself for her recent cookbook success by purchasing a hot new car. Sadly, Lynnette and Tom can't keep up with the Hodges, as their financial woes mean Tom is going to have to sell his prized Mustang.

'Rock of Love Bus With Bret Michaels'
(Sun., 9PM, VH1)
Oh, snap! Bret, unimpressed with the level of skankiness, er, affection, he's getting from the ladies, brings in three new competitors to try to shake things up.

'My Big Redneck Wedding'
(Sat., 8:30PM, CMT)
Jamie and Jimmie are not only excited about their upcoming nuptials, but about their new home – a double-wide trailer – which they plan to pay homage to by constructing (or trying to) a double-wide trailer wedding cake.

(Sat., 8PM, Nickelodeon)
Last season's 'American Idol' runner-up, David Archuleta, guest stars as – what else? – a TV singing competition contestant named David Archuleta.

(Sun., 9PM, NBC)
If an amnesiac with a strange 'XIII' tattoo on his chest falls down in the middle of a forest, will anyone hear him? Sorry, people, there's no time for jokes here, as the amnesiac (Stephen Dorff) has bigger problems on his plate, like whether his mysterious tattoo means he's connected to the assassination of the first female U.S. president three months earlier. The 'Bourne'-ish miniseries thriller, which co-stars Val Kilmer, concludes on Feb. 15.

Also on this weekend:
- 'Sonny With a Chance' (Sun., 8PM, Disney) series premiere
- 'Big Love' (Sun., 9PM, HBO)


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