Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Movie News and the Funnies

First up is that Warner Bros. have released a tentative release schedule of their up coming movies. Big surprise is that Sherlock Holmes has now moved from its Nov. release date to Dec.25 2009, setting it up for a more plentiful money grab.Green Lantern is scheduled for a 2010 release though this can easliy change. Lastly the Harry Potter Deathly Hollows flick will hopefully come out in first in Nov 2010 for pt.1 and pt.2 in 2011. Given the distain they have had for this franchise, don't be surprised if this all changes.Cinematical has all the news.

And now for the funnies. People have lots of time on their hands, whether amature or professionals. Someone decided that the ending for Back to the Furture just wasn't cutting it and changed it around, involving the Star Trek franchise in the process. Take a look and laugh with glee.

The second funny involves Mel Gibson and his recent look he has been sporting. Check out this "trailer" and laugh silly.

All courstesy of CINMATICAL

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