Thursday, January 15, 2009

TV Shows to Big Screen


What is with the recent fad of canceled shows trying for a big screen run? Firefly, X Files, Dead Like Me, Arrested Development and now Jericho and Pushing Daisies have or had a big screen showing. And it's not doing well. Not one of these movies past or future had a audience that could bring in such numbers to justify a big budget move like this, hence why they were canceled in the first place. Pushing Daisies especially.

Now I can see this working if they would move it to say a TV movie of the week, PD would surly work much better on the small screen than the big screen. It's quirkiness and colorful word play would bounce off the walls. Not to mention your assured of at least a reasonable about of people watching. Putting such a show on the big screen means trying to sell it to a huge audience that never bothered about it when it was on. Firefly sank miserably because of this, and the X-Files could do almost no better. Jericho may have a chance since it's premise is like a big movie downsized for the small screen anyway and it can be promoted as a generic action  thriller.


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