Thursday, November 6, 2008

TV Review: Criminal Minds - The Instincts

Reviewed by Rachele

Good episode tonight, though I felt the victims were a little subdued throughout. And we get more background on Dr Reid which was kinda jaw dropping. SPOILERS AHEAD!

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They finally had a unsub who survived and it was a female as well. Females are intriging, but a bit cliched as this one was. A new mother, mentally ill gives birth but has her child taken a few days later by Social Services. Since she wasn't taking the harsh drugs during pregnancy to protect the baby and didn't do so after wards her psychosis came back big time.

It was sad to see the funeral of the child, especially given the news in Toronto Canada about the body finding of the 15yr old boy. Good move though on the teams part to get the parents out there, trying smoke out the unsub. Hotchner was especially tough and wise this episode, he was firing off orders and getting a sense of what the unsub was up too.

JJ was playing counselor this episode as her pregnancy limits what she can do each time out. I believe she delivers in the next episode, though not sure. Her presence is going to be missed in the next episodes but she is looking great and was sympathetic through out. Smart move to let the mother talk to the unsub.

With JJ out of the picture Prentiss is getting more and more responsibility and is really shining. Paget Brewster is a wonderful actress and finally she's coming through this season. From the interrogation to figuring out the unsub was breast feeding the children she was on the ball. I'm looking forward to more from her in the sweeps months.

And finally Dr Reid got to see his mother again and possiably find out what his bad dreams are about. That twist at the end was really creepy but may explain something about his mother's condition and why she is a schizophrenic. If she's had to hide a secret all that time it would put mental stress on anyone.The Reid stuff wasn't the foucus of the episode which was nice as too much gets boring with this character. He's better in small doses as he was here, helping out and figuring out the unsub was a woman not a man.

Good episode , the parents could have been better played. More Reid angst next week!


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