Monday, November 3, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Rips another Heart Out

A heart doctor that is, as Dr. Hahn,played by Brook Smith has been given her walking papers according to EW's Ausiello. The hot rumor is the gay storyline has the ABC suits spooked, while the other rumor is her character never gelled with the suits. I think it's the latter. Smith does not come off very well on screen, she's too agressive etc. She had the same problem on Crossing Jordan, which it took almost the whole season for any warmth to develop for her.  I'm not sure what it is about her but her screen presence it just a turn off most of the time. Of course most people are going to point to the lesbian angle and what not, while burying this in the sand. Who's to blame? Did Shonda Rhimes not develop her character enough? She seemed pretty well rounded out from the moment we met her last season. From the looks of it she doesn't last the whole season either and doesn't get a very good goodbye.


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