Thursday, October 23, 2008

TV Review Smallville-Prey

Reviewed by Rachele

Courtesy of the CW

So Smallville and its revamped season 8 is still chugging along. I've caught a few episodes this season but the whole elevate Lois who was previously an airhead has gotten to me a bit. I realize she's cannon of course but if this episode along with earlier ones this season is any indication, they are hanging their hat on the wrong person. Chloe should be elevated yet is a glorified counselor at this point.

Spoilers ahead

Tonight's episode was a good character building for Clark. We never got to see, either in the comics or movies etc how Clark came to be Superman and how he managed his time between the Daily Planet and saving everyone. And as we see a young Clark has a lot on his shoulders , some of which shouldn't be there. Poor guy is trying to do everything and not listening too well to the advice his friends are giving him. Its expected he would start out so gun ho and I loved the ending where John Jones told him to tone it down with the rescues or at least wear a mask. Could we be seeing eye glasses Clark soon? He realizes his mistake with going to far with Chloe yet still doesn't understand he needs to pace himself and stop feeling guilty when he can't help people.

Another point that's been building or not is Clark and Chloe's relationship. I think it's going down hill and tonight was a big push to wards the cliff for Chloe. The woman has been there for the guy for 7 plus years yet he forgets the whole thing these days for a good story. I hate it, as I love the relationship between these two. They have the most believable one on the show and until this season had the strongest. It's being torn down little by little as Chloe retreats from the Planet and everyone else. Of course why she couldn't stay at the Planet is of course known, as Lois has to be the cannon reporter Clark falls for. Still making her a glorified counselor isn't fair to her. The character is being defined by who she keeps company with instead of who and what she does. If rumors of her losing her memory of Clark's power come true I think I will stop watching all together. It's a reset I won't be able to ignore.One good bright light was that they did apologize to each other and made up.

Another stinger for Chloe is her loser boyfriends/friends. Davis is looking like the biggest mistake she's made ever, and it was heartening to see she realized this and stepped away from her friendship with him. I don't buy her love for Jimmy, its a crutch love that she's accepted because she's afraid something better, along the lines of a Clark would never fall for her. Ernest as he is, Jimmy is not the guy for her.

Davis is one complex guy and his storyline is coming along nicely. Clark has his suspicions from the start and in this episode they came to the front. I hope he still has them because nothing is adding up with Davis. Why keep a cross from a victim in his van? Does he not realize it's there or think he just found it? He's sympathetic at the same time, a puppy dog look every time he thinks he's done something wrong.

Glad to see John Jones/Jonn Jozz'zz the Martian Manhunter even with out the powers. He was right on all accounts about Clark and his hero complex. Clark needs a guy like him around to help ground him and make him see he can't be a hero all the time.

Good episode though the Clark/Chloe fans will be grinding their teeth as her character becomes less important. Davis is shaping up to be a memoriable villian, enough to replace Lex Luthor for now. And Mercer though not seen is once again mentioned and manuvering in the background with this superpowered army of hers.


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