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TV Review Degrassi The Next Generation "Fight the Power"

Degrassi The Next Generation, "Fight the Power", Season 8,Ep. 3

Yes I'm actually going to review Degrassi! Hey it's Canadian and I'm Canadian so... why not. Degrassi is an institution up here so someone has to review it.

The show is trying to reset itself this year after the original group that started the show finally graduated. They actually started last year with the introduction of a rival school having to move in to Degrassi.These are the new kids who are mostly taking over. The ratings are not the greatest but hey it's Canada and this show has worn out it's welcome.


The episode dealt with the old cliche of sports and equal sexes. Jane a senior wants to join the football team, and of course runs into a bucket full of trouble with some of the boys. Not helping the situation it the new Principal of Degrassi, Mr Shepard also the coach of said football team. Called the Shep he's a nut ball waiting to be fired. Seriously his whole demeanor was over top and has been since the beginning of the season. He doesn't give a hoot about Jane or the problems that occur which includes getting beat up and being sexually harassed. Seriously if that really happened in a school here in Canada the football team would have been suspended. Nor does a principal have the authority to divert or cancel funds going to other sports. Degrassi is either a one sport a year school or very poor.

It was nice to see that some of the boys eventually stood by Jane and supported her, especially Danny and Riley. And it was cute that both Allie and Clare saw her as their hero.  Derek though I lost all respect I had for him. And how does a nerd get onto the football team, and being so short?

The subplot was Darcy's send off. You may of heard that Shenae Grimes was cast as Annie in 90210 remake. This was done before she started filming for the current season hence her brief appearance in the last two episodes. Well they had to get rid of her and as usual when they get rid of character on this show they either disappear, get killed off or have an incredibly bad send off. Such was the case here as Darcy waits until the day before she leaves to tell Peter that she's off to Kenya to build a school. And then she's gone. Just like that! Not only that but time seems to go wonky here because by the end of the episode she's managed to send a parcel to her sister Clare and buy gifts for everyone. Huh? How could she do that she just left? Oh well Peter kinda gets over it by dating the school skank. Yet another random hook up, and Mia just doesn't even care. All she does is whine about her problems to everyone who will listen, which isn't many.

Overall I think this new crop of kids may work in the long run. I miss the old cast and look forward to when they appear, heck I wish they would spin this show off and have the older kids in college or out in the work force it's just as interesting. Jane was good last year and I think this year she could grow even more if they actually stay with this storyline. That's hoping for a lot since the writers of this show seem only capable of of focusing on one storyline/character a year. And that story and character is Mia this season.

3/5 just because the Jane story plot was fun and cute, while the B plot was trash.

Video recap for those who missed it:
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803 - Fight The Power - Recap

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