Monday, October 20, 2008

TV Review: Chuck vs the Cougar

Reviewer Rachele

Fun episode tonight as Nichole Richie showed up for a gratuitous wet girl fight.And we got to see Sarah's past which is an interesting one. Yet more secrets between Chuck and her.SPOILERS AHEAD

One question has to be asked though. How does Chuck keep his job at Buy More when he's absent most of time. He wasn't present for the whole Big Al vacation and therefore didn't have to go through all the problems the others had.Convenient. I guess it pays to work for the CIA, they always keep you on the job. Even when Lester is messing things up for the crew. I'm glad he decided it was too much for him and quit as the assistant manager. Morgan really should be the one to take over he's the most well put together guy there. He wouldn't let it go to his head as Lester did.

Nerdy Sarah! No wonder she tolerates Chuck so well. Her dad is some sort of con man or spy and she's not really Sarah Walker. She's been with the CIA since she was a teenager. They recruit young these days. Probably to keep them gullible longer. It was fun to see her back in her high school getting picked on. The reunion must have been sweet revenge, especially against Dick Duffy. What a jerk. Chuck's reaction to her high school photo was priceless, as was his kindness in the end not to ask questions. These two just get each other, at least Chuck does. Sarah I think does as well she's just kept secrets for so long it's a part of her. It's going to be interesting to learn more about her past and whether she can let go and break away. Perhaps that's why she likes Bryce so much, he doesn't pressure her. Chuck makes her look at herself even when he's not trying to.Chuck once again gets all gun ho super spy only for it to almost fall flat on his face. I thought he abandoned the whole gig when he stayed the Intersect but I guess deep down he thinks Sarah can only be impressed with big spy types or heroes.Ben Savage makes a nice if bland weapons maker, almost a mirror Chuck without the charm he has. Nice to see him pop up here. And Nichole Richie actually works well here. She wasn't out of place as I thought when the promo ran earlier. She didn't ham it up at all and played it cool. It would have been nice to see her again.Best shot of the night was Casey the DJ! Seeing the big guy jamming to the beats was too cute. He's a teddy bear, that Casey is. Even when he's drooling over the new fighter jets.

Very good episode and I hope the ratings go up for this show, it's unique and needs to stay on air.4/5

Chuck Season 2 Episode 4 Preview


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