Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Please people watch one of the most innovative shows on TV today. You are missing out on great storytelling, wonderful and engaging visuals, and some of the best acting on television today. Seriously don't let this show get canceled for Knight Rider or other garbage.

Another show to watch, though it does not need the ratings boost, is Criminal Minds, the FBI drama. This show just keeps getting better every year. Many thought with Mandy Patinkin out last year and Joe Mantegna in that the show would fall away, but it just got better. Mantegna has, after a rough start, brought a new feel to the show. He doesn't dominate the show with his character the way Patinkin did and therefore the show rests on the whole cast not just one person. I always find this makes a much better show when every character contributes instead of just one person getting all the storylines.

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