Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life on Mars-"The Real Adventures of the Unreal Sam Tyler"-TV

Just caught the second ep of the new ABC TV series Life on Mars. What a great premise and well executed.

Tonight's ep really contrasted the police styles of now and then. Interrogating a suspect almost naked? Cops beating up a suspect with out any provability? It was humorous especially the hospital fight between Sam Tyler the main hero who has bee thrust back in time and his Lt boss Gene Hunt. The lieutenant was willing to do almost anything to get his man, including bending the laws.Yet Keitel plays him so well you instantly like him. I think underneath he does know right from wrong and having Sam there is going to bring that out more. It's amazing to see the difference between what cops could do then and now. I personally think they are being handcuffed too much these days, they can't be real cops.On the other hand one doesn't want a police  state

I don't trust the DA, he came off as too creepy and secretive. There was just something that bugged me about him. He's an ambitious guy which immidatly puts you on alert. His flirting with Annie was obvious. As was Annie's kissing up to everyone. She's either a love intrest of Sam's or the DA.

Poor June I do hope she actually comes back, she was more interestng than Annie, even though she was a mouse of a girl. I think Hunt will make sure she comes back some way, in order to redeem her.

Great show and I hope to have more reviews of future episodes up as they come.

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