Thursday, October 16, 2008

City of Ember Review

So I decided to take advantage of my local theaters cheap movie night and go see City of Ember . I have never read the book so I was going in blind. I watched Saoirse Ronan in Atonement last year and just loved her character there. She really had a haunted look in that movie. Sadly she doesn't do the same in this movie.

This movie fell flat the whole way through. The ending was a complete WTF? moment and anti climatic. There was simply no pay off for all the running around and secrects found. It just did not fulfill your expectations. I expected a big scene where the people were racing to get out somehow but that was never dealt with. All they do is throw a rock down and somehow even though the city is now flooding they are all suppose to get out? How? That ending was just a complete mess, as if the filmakers suddenly ran out of money and just wrapped it up and ended it. I really hope they add a better ending on the DVD. Even the poster order them to get out!

Saoise Ronan was good here if a bit subdued. She had her moments and did make you care for her especially when her grandmother died. Still she did more running around then character building. Doon [Harry Treadaway] was much better and a more rounded developed  character. From the moment you meet him you get his determination to fix the ageing generator, to do something. your frustrated with him because no one sees his talent or his concern.

As for the other characters/actors it was a paycheck like anyother. Tim Robbins was a complete bore, no life in the guy. I wanted to punch him. He did redeem himself by helping Doon escape but a little too late. Bill Murray accepted yet another easy role for money and put nothing into it. You could replace him with one of his previous characters, such as Charlie from Charlies Angles and there would still be no difference.  He had no charisma as the mayor, so why was he elected?

As for the effects the city is unique looking, it's interesting that they regressed instead of progressed but without outside info they could not know how to move forward and came to rely on what they already knew. The lighting was effective and gave Ember that fire look it was going for. Like a ember in a log fire so was Ember glowing in the earth.

In the end I have to give this a 2/5, no payoff, anticlimatic and dull characters make this movie a rent on DVD only.

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